homeschooling and school animal assisted learning

Healing with Horsemanship

Bringing horses and people together using horsemanship, to facilitate learning.

Healing with Horsemanship follows a systematic approach to working with horses, following fundamental horsemanship principles, bringing people and horses together through communication.

Our property provides a safe space for experiential learning and facilitating personal growth and development.

We offer:

  • Animal assisted learning.
  • Lessons in horsemanship.
  • Learn to connect and care for horses.
  • Promoting personal insight and communication.

The basis of our Horsemanship program is about using horses, an animal with predominantly a ‘flight’ response, to help individuals and families develop awareness and insights into the way that we communicate and comprehend through non-verbal communication.

Horse riding

Who we work with

We are dedicated to supporting children of all ages, families, groups and people who are seeking opportunities for personal development. Sessions claimable for NDIS participants.

Children & School Groups

Our work with young people is to provide opportunities and support to allow them to express themselves, challenge themselves and grow into new ideas, beliefs and processes of experiences.

People who are seeking opportunities for professional and personal development



Families and Veterans

NDIS Community

We’re proud to support everyone in our community

using horses for therapy

Talk To Us

For more information about our programs and what we offer please contact us.

Healing with Horsemanship PTY LTD currently operates out of Atkinsons Dam, QLD, 4311.